Cuba’s ‘Ladies in White’ hold weekly Sunday protest

By Frank Posillico

HAVANA – They are the only recognized group of protestors in Cuba.  The Ladies in White, or Damas de Blanco, is a group made up of women whose husbands or other family members are jailed dissidents.

Each Sunday the women go to Mass in Havana and then march along Fifth Ave. in protest against the repression and imprisonment of their families.

“At first the government said we were old, crazy women. They didn’t give us much importance. We won this space,” said Berta Soler, the leader of the group. “Not just on Fifth Ave. But on the streets of Havana.”

The government has virtually let the Ladies in White protest uninterrupted. But Soler said that the government doesn’t keep its promises.

“Fidel made promises and some of them he kept and some of them he didn’t.” she said. “Raul makes promises but he keeps none of them.”