China media – By Will James

Barely a day after ethnic riots befell the city of Urumqi in China’s Western frontier in early July, competing narratives began to emerge in Western and Chinese media. The New York Times painted the rioting Uighurs – a Muslim ethnic minority in Xinjiang province – as victims of government-sponsored colonialism by Han Chinese, the ethnic majority. More>>

The green path to recover – By Jenny Zou

Wind turbines oscillate silently in the dry summer heat along the outskirts of the Gobi desert. The Spanish produced turbines dot the barren landscape for miles–transforming dusty and otherwise un-arable land into acres of clean, renewable energy.More>>

Tsinghua University, A Sea Of Spokes- By April Warren

As Zhu Liang Wenxuan finished packing his three bulging suitcases and prepared to travel overnight by train to what would be his home for the next four years, one necessity was still missing from his school supply list – a bicycle.More>>

Let the past pay the present – By John Powers

Behind the walls of the ancient city of Xi’an, a shop keeper is kneeling on the floor in the dust; he is making clothes for the dead.Outside, rows of bare chested men are drinking beers, clacking mahjong tiles and spitting. The shop window is smudged with soot. More>>