Ron Howell

Ron Howell has been a full-time reporter or editor with a long string of news organizations over the past 37 years, including Newsday, the New York Daily News, the Associated Press, Ebony Magazine and The Baltimore Evening Sun. Despite being a sexagenarian, he loves the Internet and loves Final Cut Pro 7. Perhaps more than these things, he loves Cuba. Howell first went to Cuba as a reporter in 1987, when the Soviets were still subsidizing the country. He spent a week there interviewing Assata Shakur, wanted still in the killing of a New Jersey state trooper. In an article that was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he was the first to report that Shakur was living in Cuba under a grant of asylum.

Howell speaks Spanish and French and has covered the Caribbean and Latin America for Newsday and the AP. Though he was a Stony Brook University adjunct professor for the Journalism Without Walls trip to Cuba, he is also an associate professor in the English Department at Brooklyn College. Howell received a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor’s from Yale University. He is the author of “One Hundred Jobs: A Panorama of Work in the American City,” a paperback published by The New Press in 2000.