I am a student at Stony Brook University studying psychology. I chose to join the journalism without walls trip to Ecuador in hopes to put to practice theories I have learned throughout my collegiate career. As a student who also is widely interested in environmental policy I figured this might be a great opportunity to witness a community fighting to protect the ecological health of the Amazon I also wanted to examine the relationships between culture and social development, but what I discovered was far greater. My experience in the Jungle and throughout Ecuador has taught me more about my passion for environmental sustainability and the protection of indigenous rights. Since I have been submersed into a completely new culture I have learned more about the nature of humanity and the shared associations that exist among communities. In the jungle, being so disconnected from a world I had just recently left behind, I felt even more of a connection to the relationships and friendships that grew out of this experience. I hope to return and join the Sápara in their fight to preserve their way of life and share their message. In the future I plan to travel more and continue with my research in developmental and neurological psychology.