Dipti Kumar

Dipti Kumar Dipti Kumar
Graduate Student

Dipti’s drive to pursue health, science and technology reporting stemmed from her job as a professional journalist in India, where she worked for two years as a news anchor and reporter. Prior to her job she spent over four years in academic and internship roles, learning multi-media and its role in the world of journalism. With a broadcast background, Dipti loves production and the rush she gets from being in the newsroom.The “Journalism without walls” program was the clincher for Dipti before she accepted her offer to come to Stony Brook University. Going to Turkana, Kenya was an opportunity to feel the excitement of doing real-world news reports and experiencing the role of being a foreign correspondent.Dipti wants to use her specialization to get back on the field and work with a global newsroom to produce, anchor and report on the newsmakers.