Ilana Ozernoy

Nicole Bansen Ilana Ozernoy, Professor

Ilana Ozernoy has spent the last decade working as a print, radio and online journalist. She worked as a staff foreign correspondent for U.S. News & World Report, a staff writer for The Atlantic, and as a radio correspondent for Marketplace (Public Radio International). Weeks after 9/11, Ozernoy traveled to the Afghan outback to cover the U.S.-led battle against the Taliban, writing for The Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle. In 2002, she co-authored the essay and photo book “Afghanistan: The Road to Kabul.” In 2003, she covered the invasion of Iraq for U.S. News & World Report, and helped establish and run the magazine’s Baghdad bureau until February of 2005. Following Iraq, she returned to her native Russia to write about American Evangelicals in Siberia, traveled to Belarus to write about the Lukashenko regime, did research in the Netherlands and England for a series about corporate espionage, and journeyed to Morocco to profile Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes forThe Atlantic.In 2008, Ozernoy was awarded a MacDowell fellowship and she began work on a nonfiction book about life in contemporary Russia, interwoven with the story of her family’s historic struggle as Soviet-era dissidents. Over the years, her writing has also appeared in The New Republic Online, Dispatches QuarterlyNewsweek, and Marie Claire, among others. She has also contributed to CNN and NPR.

Ozernoy previously taught writing, reporting and the history of war reportage as an Adjunct Professor at the Corcoran College of Art.